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Positive Changes for Positive  Outcomes

Solutions for Success 

A Statue of Excellence LLC  is a healthcare integration, consulting & marketing firm targeting businesses that service individuals in transitions of care.  


The "outside looking in" approach. We are a service that offers a realistic approach to your integration needs. We understand business challenges and we are able to make positive changes with expertise in community and institute health care by using a humanized approach. 

Committed to Excellence

• Expert with transitions of care coordination. 
• 15+ years of nursing, healthcare case management and consulting experience.
• Profound understanding of concurrent review, utilization management, and discharge planning. 
• Recognized as a source of unique skillsets, specialized techniques and reliable information by stakeholders. 
• Effective interpersonal skills in relationship building, communication, and morale systems.

Business Meeting

RE-Assist ℠

Assisting Patients in Transitions of Care

Prosthetic Leg

An Innovative Solution

"Efforts and courage is not enough without a vision, purpose and direction"


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